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Electronics Specialists!

Two Way Radio & Industrial Electronic
Sales and Service 

Radio antennas on 4 x 4 and ATV

DataWave Technologies Works with custom Two-Way communications systems, and the components encompassed in them. We take pride in making radio electronics fun, easy, and user friendly.

We troubleshoot and repair industrial electrical problems such as motors and controls including PLC's and relay logic.

At DataWave Technologies we pride ourselves in offering the finest quality radio-electronic equipment around. This includes radio control, industrial electronics, two-way, CB and Ham radio. We sell and service commercial radio systems, antennas, microphones, coax and associated accessories. We also troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair all other electrical systems and equipment. DataWave Technologies serves Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

As society progresses with technological enhancements and new engineering techniques people are starting to realize that communication is the key to success, whether it is between coworkers, friends or family. DataWave Technologies is made up of some of those people, and has been working to sustain a level of interpersonal communication in the world today. Using technology to communicate is the best way to stay in contact, and that is why DataWave offers a variety of two-way radios and accessories.

Why two-way radio?

Two way radios are advancing alongside every other industry of today. What radio offers is the independence to communicate freely and effectively wherever and whenever you want. There are no monthly bills, and you can even talk to people you don't know that are in the area. Driving through a bad snowstorm or roughing it out at home can be made comfortable in knowing your friends are standing by and listening. Want to tell your neighbor something and you don't feel like walking over? One key of a microphone and they will know instantly. A couple words spoken over the air and your spouse will know that you need milk at home, or that they need to take a different route home, or... that you're just listening in case they want some companionship.

Radios are way more than just talking!

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